Moving from one house to another

When you start collecting items, you must start with the unused items first. For example if we are in the summer season, you start collecting winter clothes, and so on.

In view of the importance of the kitchen and dishes, and the sensitivity of transporting them, they must be left to the end, and try as much as possible to layer the clothes in a good way that does not take up space, then they are stacked in the cartons, and the cartons are closed well using plaster and glue, so that no dust infiltrates them or any piece is lost from them.

After that, the workers of the Better Move Company go to the library and dining room because they can be released for a few days.

Care should be taken regarding glass objects, accessories, and antiques. Newspaper or magazine sheets are used to wrap them, then pieces of cloth are placed, and you can use blankets to cover them inside the carton, and the workers put them in the carton carefully, also making sure that they are well wrapped.

Then it is possible to go to the bedrooms and some unused kitchen supplies and electrical appliances, and before moving immediately, the rest of the items and kitchen items are collected.

Care must also be taken in packing the dishes. First, clean them well and make sure that they are completely dry and that there is no water in them. Then the worker uses bubbles to wrap them….Then the transportation stage comes and takes place on one day or moving on such a day, depending on the distance and the quantity of movables

And when you reach the other house, the treatment is completely the opposite. You must start with the most important things first, such as kitchen appliances, plumbing and carpentry workthen the bedrooms, and then proceed to emptying the dining room library and living room.

If you want peace of mind and speed at work, all you have to do is communicate with the best furniture and baggage moving company in Kuwait. Better Move Furniture and Luggage Moving Company. We specialize in moving furniture and baggage. We have experts in dismantling and installing furniture, packing furniture, and we have a fleet of the latest cars. Moving furniture luggage, and an integrated team of carpenterselectricians, and experts.

Transportation of electrical appliances

The transfer of electrical appliances is one of the services also provided by the Better Move Company for moving furniture and luggage , with all professionalism accuracy and skill in the work, so care must be taken when dealing with electrical tools, because when any piece of it is lost, even if it is simple, it may cause the device to stop working completely, and there are some Parts that do not have spare parts, so make sure that the transportation process is by using specialists, electrical equipment technicians, or transport workers with good experience, to complete this service in the best way.

Better Move Furniture Transport Company has the best workers specialized in disassembling and installing electrical tools without a doubt, it has trained them and prepared practical courses for them at a high level by experts and specialists in the field of disassembling and installing electrical tools, and our workers work very carefully with these devices and we guarantee that they will not happen Any damage or loss of any piece

The company also provides a service to clean the devices from the inside, as some devices need to be cleaned from time to time; Due to the accumulation of dust or fat or any of that, the device does not perform its function as it was and its quality decreases over time, such as a dishwasher or a vacuum cleaner, all of these devices need to be cleaned from time to time to remove dust fat and others that may cause a malfunction in the device if accumulated in a large way.

Transportation of electrical appliances

AC cleaning

Air conditioning: You must first make sure that the device is disconnected from electricity, hair and clothes are well covered so as not to be exposed to dust, start by separating the external interface of the air conditioner and wash it with detergent and water, then the filter is cleaned using hot water without using any detergents, then the soft and easy to bend heating and condensation coils for that It needs a very special treatment and can be cleaned using a hairbrush with caution, and a toothbrush can be used to reach narrow places that are not easy to reach.

Iron: The surface of the iron may undergo a change in the original color after a long period of use and to return it to the original color

  1. Make sure that the iron is not connected to electricity.
  2. Mix sodium carbonate with white vinegar, then spray the surface of the iron with2- sodium carbonate mixed with white vinegar.
  3. Clean with a dry towel until the color is removed and the color returns to the original
  4. Then finally, wipe with a wet towel and leave it to dry….If there are burn marks on thesurface of the iron, salt is sprinkled on the surface of the iron, the iron is connected to electricity then the salt is walked on with the iron for a while until the stain disappears completely.

Better Move Furniture Movers guarantees you the best handling of your electrical appliances and the ease of transporting them safely in cars designated for that, and also at the cheapest prices.!

Furniture moving solutions

Specialists and experts from Better Move Company for moving furniture and baggage in Kuwait offer you solutions to the problems of moving furniture and baggage, and you can rely on our company to move your home furniture; So that you can move furniture easily, quickly, and at cheap prices inside and outside Kuwait.

Furniture moving solutions

Solutions to the problems of moving furniture and luggage

We at Better Move Furniture Moving Company have a large group of experts in the field and trained workers to carry heavy furniture pieces and large-sized pieces even in narrow areas and stairs.

We remove all pieces of glass very carefully from the furniture before moving it so that it is not broken or scratched, and we re-install it again in your new home.

We transport electrical appliances with great care; So that there is no technical glitch. For example, we use a special trolley to move the refrigerator, ropes, and sticky tapes to keep it from scratching.

Special tools for various electrical appliances

Labor trained to carry electrical appliances

We use fitted bags and special cartons to store the pieces of furniture and arrange them in a precise order so that we can easily rearrange them in the new home.

We at Better Move Furniture and Luggage Transport Company, have workers and technicians at the highest level who are trained to dismantle furniture and luggage easily and professionally.

Our workers use tools equipped to carry furniture and furniture in tight spaces and on stairs

We rely on different types of furniture moving vehicles; So that we can move your furniture in different weather conditions, and we also have hydraulic lift cars to lift furniture for residential apartments at different heights.

Cars equipped at the highest level to transport furniture and luggage

We use hydraulic and electric hoists to move and unload furniture and luggage from high floors from the facades of buildings and high towers.

We have a wide range of furniture packaging tools that help us in packing furniture and keeping it away from scratches or bumps.

This is the best way to move furniture with ease and complete professionalism, as is the case in the Better Move company for moving furniture and furniture.

The perfect solution for moving furniture and furniture

Get rid of the confusion and contact **Better Move Company for moving furniture ** and luggage and we will move your furniture as soon as possible, at the lowest cost, and with complete professionalism. And all at very affordable prices.

How to arrange moving of furniture

Arranging moving of furniture

One of the biggest problems facing people who move from one house to another is; The problem of arranging the furniture, if the furnishings are new and were purchased specifically for the new house, the person will not face a problem with that, but if the furnishings were with you from the previous house, then there may be some difficulties in the way of arranging them in each room The most important thing that an individual must do is: be organized to the fullest extent when the time comes to move so that he does not face any problems, and to help you overcome the issue of moving comfortably, Better Move Furniture Movers will provide you with some useful advice.

Ways to arrange moving furniture

Imagine the new house

The best thing that an individual can do is to imagine what the new house will look like what is the method of arrangement that he wants and the place where the furniture will be placed, and this method saves a lot of time, and it is also an excellent opportunity to get rid of clutter and items that are not used, and they take up a lot of space. In the house, it gives a clear idea of the furniture and items that can be saved and used in the new house, and there is nothing wrong with drawing the living room, for example, and placing all the furniture, and this helps visually in arranging the room.

Moving furniture

It is important to wrap the furniture with protective paper so that it is not damaged, and it must be noted that moving sofas and dining tables must be after painting and carpeting in the new house because this will save a lot of time and effort, and to transport wood furniture; It is better to disassemble it, transport it, and then install it at home.

Room tidying

Starting to arrange the furniture and items in the rooms is one of the most difficult things in the moving process, but to facilitate this, you must start in the rooms that are least used, and all items are placed in boxes with the name of the room written on them, and the contents in them, and for arranging clothes it is better to use air-tight bags, which can accommodate a lot of clothes and blankets, but they do not take up much space, and it is important to set a schedule showing the work that must be done during the days preceding the move, so as not to cause any unaccounted problems.

Arranging important files and papers

Many people suffer from the loss of important files and papers during the transfer process Therefore, you must first copy all these papers and keep the copies in a special box, and the original papers in another box, and it is better that these boxes remain with the person until he finishes the whole transfer process.

Waste disposal

In order to reduce the items that are not used, it is better to get rid of them first, and not leave any mess in the room or outside the house.

And help you in all these stages, relying on a team of specialists as we have in Better Move Company for moving furniture and chafing

Transportation technicians

We often buy new furniture and we need to move it to the place where we want to furnish it, or we want to live in a new place, and then we need to move the furniture and household belongings to the new place, and from here we start thinking about how to do this task, provided that It is done in the best way, in the fastest and shortest time because the task of moving furniture is one of the most important tasks that may cause a long waste of time if specialists are not relied upon to complete it, such as those in the Better Move company for moving furniture and luggage Participants in the process of moving furniture Better Move Company for moving furniture and luggage works to provide the best trained technical workers at the highest level and who are able to use and deal with the latest modern technologies, and then the task of moving furniture is completed to the fullest, and this is done as follows:


They must be present in the process of transporting furniture in order to ensure that the wooden pieces are dismantled and installed in the best way without being broken damaged or scratched.


They also must be present during this process because there are many iron pieces such as forged furniture, iron doors and windows, and others..


Their task is to disassemble and install all things related to sanitary ware such as basins, bathtubs, and so on.

Packaging workers

These workers are chosen at the highest level so that they can wrap all kinds of furniture well and this is because we know very well the importance of wrapping furniture to keep it from damage


Their task is to disassemble and install all electrical tools, such as electrical appliances chandeliers, and lighting tools Care is taken to enroll all these workers and others with the latest training and preparations that enable them to complete all these steps with great accuracy and complete safety.

Transportation technicians


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