Furniture Moving Company Kuwait

If you're looking for a reliable furniture moving company in Kuwait, look no further. Our professional packing and moving company offer a comprehensive service that includes packing, loading and transportation of all kinds of furniture, as well as unpacking and setting up at the destination. With our passion for providing top-quality service, you can trust our Furniture Moving Company Kuwait, "Better Move Co" to handle your move with care and efficiency.

We take great pride in offering a reliable and efficient service. Our services are tailor-made especially to meet the needs of our customers. Our experienced team of professional movers is willing to make sure your furniture is safe. Always we will make sure safe transporting to its new home with minimal disruption.

furniture moving company kuwait

Furniture Packing and Moving Company Kuwait

With the latest equipment and techniques to ensure a safe and efficient move. Better Move offers a wide range of services, including transfer and relocation, packing and unpacking services, furniture assembly and disassembly, and storage services. We also provide full-service packing and professional storage solutions.

Moving furniture can be a stressful experience, which is why we focus on providing prompt service with a friendly, personal touch. We also provide a range of additional services, such as bubble wrapping, wooden crating and custom packing solutions, to ensure your furniture is protected throughout the move. As a Furniture Moving Company in Kuwait, Better Move Co is the name you can trust for all your furniture moving and packing needs.

Packaging Company in Kuwait That is Reliable

Our team of highly skilled professionals is experienced in handling furniture of all sizes and shapes. We aim to deliver top-notch services and make sure that your furniture is safely transported to the desired location. We also provide custom packing services to make sure your furniture is packed in the most reliable manner.

Our team takes special care to ensure that your furniture reaches its desired location safely and securely. Our fleet of trucks and modern equipment ensures that your furniture will be moved quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of your furniture, which is why we provide quality services to meet your needs.

packaging company in kuwait

The Best Furniture Moving Company Kuwait

With so many moving companies in Kuwait, how do you know which one to choose?

You know that feeling of moving into a new apartment and you want to furnish it as fast as possible? Well, there are quite a few things you need. You need to find the Best Furniture Moving Company Kuwait and trust me, they can be hard to find.

Assembling furniture without help is a nightmare. It takes forever, there will always be some piece left over, or something will get scratched up in the process - not to mention that it's very difficult and requires a lot of effort.

Moving on your own is not an option - if you don't have any friends or family around to help out with your move, then you'll need an experienced company for the job. Luckily, we're here! We've done this all before and we can offer you some more advice about what to do when planning your move: Make sure that the company has insurance in case something does go wrong. Consider consulting their references

best moving company kuwait

As an experienced moving company

Better Move has been servicing customers for more than 10 years. With a goal to be the most honest, reliable, hardest working and to provide the best customer service in Kuwait. By the time we have more than 10 dedicated teams for your needs.

Transfer And Relocation in Kuwait by Moving Professionals

We are a specialized moving company in Kuwait that provides personalized and quality transfer and relocation services to individuals, families, and businesses. We offer door-to-door moving services, relocation assistance, and customized removal and storage solutions. Our Transfer and Relocation service in Kuwait comes with reliable and efficient transfer and relocation services to clients, with a focus on ensuring that everyone has access to quality services. Whether moving a short distance or transferring overseas, our goal is to make the relocation process as seamless as possible by providing comprehensive support and meeting your unique needs.

Moving Service

Take advantage of experienced and expert staff in moving your HOME or BUSINESSES from small to large scale GOVERNMENT departments with insured, safe and secure.

Moving Service
  • We handle any size of move and value of belongings
  • We offer personal moving service specific to your requirements
  • We ensure minimal disturbance to you, your business when we move
  • We accommodate for large movings such as warehous
  • Assembly & Disassembly

    Professional, gently and carefully assembly & disassembly service for your office and home furniture including IKEA , Home Centre, Abyat, Midas, Safat Home and etc.

  • We've high-quality, modern tools specially designed for assembly & disassembly
  • We do our work in speed and accuracy over model complexity
  • We stand for our quality in assembly & disassembly with no limits
  • We guarantee assembly & disassembly of any furniture
  • Packing Service

    If you need help in packing everything up? get a help from our fully trained packing experts specialist in packing techniques

    Packing Service
  • Specially designed packaging materials for any items
  • Offer full range of packing and unpacking service
  • Choose pack with us or we pack all
  • Special requirement Unusual item packing
  • Cleaning Service

    A reliable, efficient, and exceptional cleaning services by skilled cleaning professionals. So, let us do the job for you

    Cleaning Service
  • Your residential space house cleaning
  • Your Commercial space Office Cleaning
  • Move in and move out house and office cleaning
  • Your satisfaction is our goal
  • We work until everything is cleaned and you're completely satisfied
  • Cargo Service

    All cargo solutions under one roof for individuals and corporates, anywhere and at any time by road, rail, sea and air.

    Cargo Service
  • Sea Freight
  • When your shipments are large
  • Air Freight
  • When time is crucial for your cargo
  • Inland Transport
  • door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Clearance
  • Leave all the paperwork in our hand
  • Moving and packing in Kuwait

    Say goodbye to the hassle of moving and packing!

    Tired of wasting time searching for reliable, affordable moving companies? With Better Move Co, you can now find the best packers and movers in Kuwait with just a few clicks. Our team offers reliable and affordable services to help you move your home or office quickly and safely.

    No more stressful days spent on the phone trying to find a trustworthy mover. With Better Move Co, you can trust that your move will be seamless and hassle-free.

    Don't wait any longer, book your move with Better Move Co today!


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    Are you looking for affordable and reliable furniture moving company in Kuwait? Look no further than the cheapest furniture transfer company! We provide top-notch furniture removal services at the lowest rates in the state. Our experienced team of professional movers is dedicated to making sure your furniture is safely transported to its new home with minimal disruption.

    No more stress and high expenses of moving your furniture with the Cheapest Furniture Transfer Company. With our low prices and high-quality services, we are the perfect choice for all your furniture transfer needs.

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    A professionally managed process

    Our Asian accent teams will do everything for you; you don’t even need to be there. Our teams consist with Asian technicians and labours who are more friendly with you and they ensure potentially stressful time is performed with the utmost care and efficiency. Finally, your new location will be completely set up.

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    Movers and Packers In Kuwait

    This team has been beyond amazing! Every single person I have had contact with has been top notch; I have never had a more pleasant experience! What could have been and probably should have been a very stressful event was a beautifully orchestrated occasion.


    Kuwait City

    Better Move is an excellent service provider. They are professional, friendly, timely and easy to work with. I would recommend them for any furniture move.


    Al Aḩmadī

    Better Mover is great! They came and were very quick from moving me out of my old apartment into my new apartment. Very professional, I can't thank them enough for the quick move. Thank you, will use them again, and will be happy to recommend to family and friends.



    Transporting Furniture Kuwait

    Company for Transporting Furniture in Kuwait

    Imagine the hassle of needing to hire a moving company or renting a truck just to move your furniture! The best way to do it is by hiring a professional Kuwait-based moving company. However, not all of them are created equal. That's why it's important to find one that's reliable, affordable and has years of experience doing this.

    As your local movers in Kuwait, we pride ourselves on our expertise in transporting furniture and have served many satisfied customers before you. We are committed to making sure that you have a safe and comfortable experience, which is why we take all the necessary precautions for fragile items, as well as pack everything in an efficient manner to avoid unnecessary damage.

    We hope that you will contact us today so we can help make your experience easy and hassle-free!

    coverage areas

    We offer our services in all governorates and regions of Kuwait

    As a leading furniture moving company, Better Move Co provides comprehensive moving solutions to customers across Kuwait. Our services are available in all governorates and regions of the country, making it easy for customers to access our expertise and experience no matter where they are located. We handle every aspect of the move, from packing to transportation to unpacking, so customers can focus on settling into their new home.

    Its areas include: Kuwait City, Al-Watania, Al-Sawaber, Al-Sharq, Al-Mirqab, Dasman, Kaifan, Bneid Al-Qar, Al-Qibla, Al-Mansouriyya, Al-Diyaa, Al-Salihiya, Al-Dasma, Abdullah Al-Salem, Al-Shamiya, Al-Yarmouk, Al-Rawdah, Al-Nuzha, Doha, Al-Shamiya, Cordoba, Sulaibikhat Jaber Al-Ahmad, Al-Fayhaa, Al-Khalidiyah, Al-Shuwaikh, Al-Surra, Granada, Kairouan, Al-Ray, Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Adailiya, Al-Nahda and northwest Sulaibikhat .

    And its affiliated areas: Sulaibiya, Al-Naseem, Taima, Al-Naim, Al-Ayyun, Al-Waha, Al-Qasr, Bubiyan Island, Amghara and Warba Island, New Jahra, Kazma, New Jahra, Abdali, Al-Qaisariya, Saad Al-Ayed Abdullah, Kabd, Al-Salmi, Madinat Al-Harir, Al-Rawdatain, Al-Mutla and Al-Subiyah .

    And its affiliated areas: Abraq Khaitan, Shaddiyah, Al-Raqi, Rabieh, Abbasiya, Industrial Ardiya, Seville, Paradise, Ardiya, Al-Rehab, Al-Hasawi, Al-Farwaniyah, Khaitan, Al-Andalus, Omariya, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Industrial irrigation, New Khaitan, Sabah Al-Subh suburb, Suburb Abdullah Al-Mubarak, Al-Dajeej .

    and its affiliated regions : Hawalli, Al-Shaab, Al-Rumaithiya, Bayan, Al-Bidaa, Musharraf, Al-Nakrah, Salmiya, Al-Midan. Hawally, Jabriya, Suburb of Mubarak Al-Abdullah Al-Jaber, Al-Siddiq, South Surra, Al-Zahraa, Salwa, Al-Salam, Hittin and Al-Shuhada .

    And the areas affiliated to it are: Fintas, Mahboula, Mangaf, Raqqa, Fahaheel, Aqila, Abu Halifa, Hadiya, Dhuhr, Sabahiya, Al-Maqwa and Al-Ahmadi, Al-Zour, Al-Wafra, Al-Khairan, Mina Abdullah, Al-Shuaiba, Fahd Al-Ahmad, Al-Dada, Al-Jaber Al-Ali Al-Julaia, Al-Baidar, Al-Wafra, Al-Nuwaiseeb, Sabah Al-Ahmad, Al-Khairan, Ali Sabah Al-Salem, and Sabah Al-Ahmad

    Abu Al Hasaniya, Abu Futaira, Adān, Al Qurain, Al-Qusour, Fintās, Funaitīs, Misīla, Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Sabah Al-Salem, Sabhān, South Wista, Wista

    Customer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Day after day, the technicians working at Better Move receive many questions looking for satisfactory answers to what is going on in the chests of our valued customers about the services and work standards that we provide

    For Kuwait in general, it is possible to transport at all times, but it is definitely preferred that the weather conditions be favorable and the weather is suitable summer

    The pricing of the furniture transfer process in the company depends on several criteria, some of which we mention in several points, such as the place or city from which the luggage is transferred, the floor in which it is located, the type and quantity of the luggage, and upon which the technicians required to complete the task are determined. Necessary to maintain the furniture during transportation. Also, one of the important points for pricing is the experience of the Better Move company, which is considered one of the most important criteria for estimating the price. Experience will certainly make a difference if there is a guarantee on the delivery process, as well as in the arrival of the luggage quickly to its destination and without any losses or loss of any purposes.

    Of course, the representative's initial estimate is not subject to any obligation on the part of Better Move For the transfer of furniture, the transfer process may be subject to several other variables when the actual implementation of the task is based on the client’s requests. Therefore, the company is not bound by any price agreement unless it is written in a contract between the company and the customer, and the specific transportation tasks that the company will carry out are indicated in it. Any verbal or verbal agreement is not legally binding.

    This is the most important question that many customers ask, and the success of the luggage transfer process depends on it . The price is not the most important when choosing a furniture moving company, but the most important thing is the quality of that company and its experience in dismantling and installing all kinds of furniture and its ability to load and transport luggage and deliver it to its destination safely, quickly and without any hassle or problems. The client's concern should be choosing the best company in terms of experience, in terms of the guarantee provided for the luggage transfer process, and in terms of reputation by asking his friends and acquaintances about that company. In short, a moving company must be worthy of your trust.

    It is better to be present during the furniture transfer process to proceed and follow the stage of dismantling the furniture, packing it and wrapping it in the designated cartons, as well as to give your notes on everything regarding all the stages of the transfer of the luggage until the downloading and loading in the designated furniture transfer debts. It is better if you have children that the task of moving takes place while they are in school, for example, or in the nursery, or that they are already present in the place to which they will be moved so that they do not distract you from making your observations and for the process of moving the furniture to take place smoothly.

    Of course not, I am not obligated to anything towards the workers and technicians other than what was agreed upon in terms of the price to carry out the furniture transfer process.

    The answer to this question varies according to the situation of each client There is a customer who may move one bedroom, for example, and therefore he will need to dismantle and pack the furniture of that room, then re-install it again at the place of delivery, or his request may be only for a company to dismantle and install air conditioners in order to transfer his air conditioners to another place. Another client's request may be to move the entire house. Also, the quality of the luggage may differ from one customer to another, the transportation distance varies, the floors differ, and many other things and criteria. All this will certainly affect the time. In general, the average time required to dismantle, move and install one bedroom ranges from three to four hours. This does not mean that moving two rooms will average from 6 hours to 8 hours, it is not calculated like that. It is best in all cases to contact us to give you a detailed and accurate evaluation and estimate of the price and time required to perform the task of moving luggage professionally for you.

    The payment process takes place according to the agreement, and there is often an advance payment that is paid upon agreement. Then, when the furniture transport company comes, unpacks and loads the furniture into cars, the rest is paid. However, this form and this system of work is not fixed and changes according to the case. In other cases, the rest of the price may be paid after the completion of moving the furniture and delivery to the place that the customer wanted.

    Better Move Company is one of the oldest companies in the field of moving furniture all over Kuwait and we cover all parts of the State of Kuwait.

    After the customer contacted the Better Move company and requested our services in the transfer of luggage, our representative arrives at the customer’s house or place in general to see all the items to be transferred, from tools and electrical appliances to air conditioners to the kitchen to wooden furniture..etc. And the transportation cost is calculated accurately. Then, our dear customers, at this stage, are requested to clarify everything and provide our representative with all information so that the price estimation process can be as accurate as possible.

    The baggage transfer system at Better Move is very organized and leaves no room for error or expectations, and therefore those in charge of the furniture transfer process are in constant contact with the customer during the transfer until the desired destination is reached.

    This will never happen, God willing, except under force majeure, such as those related to difficult weather conditions or circumstances beyond control . In those cases, our dear customer will certainly be aware of all the movements of the furniture, the place it reached, and the date of its delivery as accurately as possible.

    Yes, this may happen often during seasons or national holidays in which there are many tasks of moving furniture, and it may also happen in the event that the customer requests more than one service, such as requesting the transportation of furniture with cleaning. In all cases, when contacting us, you must ask about these offers and make sure they are available at that time.

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